Blademaster MK1

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MOTOR : 1.5 kw Brake Motor 415v, 3 phase. 

ELECTRICAL : 24v switching control. 3 switches - 1 push to start. 

CONTROLS : 1 push to stop, 1 emergency latch-in stop button. 

CAPACITY : Cutting clearance 405mm high x 435mm wide. 

CUTTING TABLE : One piece 825mm x 865mm heavy duty 2.5mm stainless steel.

BLADE SPEED : 1070 m/min (3500 ft /minute) 

SAW BLADE : 13mm wide 3600 mm long 

BLADE TENSION : Fully automatic 

WEIGHT : 240 kg. 

DIMENSIONS : Height 1945mm 

FLOOR AREA : 990mm x 890mm 

WHEELS : Balanced, Corrosion Resistant aluminium wheels.

CONSTRUCTION : Full 304 food grade stainless steel, smooth grain finish.



  • Blade guide is tin plated steel with built in Tungsten Carbide back up.
  • Blade cleaners are easily removed with the use of a small ring spanner.


  • Upper and lower pulleys (wheels) are completely enclosed but readily accessible.
  • Blade is guarded above and below the cutting zone. Wrap around top blade guard.
  • Fail safe door interlocks to AS4024.1 ensure the machine will not operate with the doors open.
  • Machine ceases operation within approximately 1.5 seconds of the power being turned off.

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