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MOTOR : 0.9 kw Brake Motor 415v, 3 phase or 240V Single Phase.

ELECTRICAL : 24v switching control. 3 switches - 1 Start,

CONTROLS : 1 Stop, 1 Latching E Stop

CAPACITY : Cutting clearance 340mm high x 230mm wide

BLADE SPEED : 690m/min (2275ft/min) 

SAW BLADE : 16mm 2020 mm long  

BLADE TENSION : Preset by knob and spring tension

FLOOR AREA : 670mm x 860mm 

WHEELS : Balanced, Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel wheels.

CONSTRUCTION : Anodised Cast Aluminium Frame.

WEIGHT :  52 kg

DIMENSIONS : 1030 mm H x 750 mm W x 500 mm D

SHIPPING DIMENSION :  1100 mm H x 600 mm W x 500 mm D


  • Blade guides are adjustable nylon at the side and roller bearing at the back.
  • Blade Scrapers are easily removed with a screwdriver and a small ring spanner


  • Bale is guarded above and below the cutting zone
  • Fail safe paired door interlock to AS4024.1 ensure the machine will not operate with the doors open.


  • 340mm x 230mm Cuttiing Capacity
  • Efficient 0.9 kw Brake Motor
  • Anodized Cast Aluminum Body
  • Product Gripper to keep hands clear of the blade.
  • Adjustable Blade Guides
  • Paired Magnetic Interlock on the Door

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